Guidelines For Visiting EdgeConneX Data Centers

  1. Access Registration: Falsifying information or refusing to cooperate with EdgeConneX personnel is a violation of the access policies and may result in permanent revocation of data center privileges.
  2. PIN Entry: You must enter your 6 digit PIN followed by a # (hash / pound) sign.  This will be your permanent pin for accessing all EdgeConneX Data Centers.
  3. PIN Security: You may not give your PIN to another person.
  4. PIN SMS: If you are SMS enabled, after entering the front door, you will receive a PIN for the mantrap door, via SMS, that is only valid for 60 seconds. SMS is not a guaranteed delivery system and is provided as a convenience; if you do not receive an SMS please contact the NOC.
  5. Data Center Access: Your PIN will allow you through the front entry into a mantrap. You may be asked to authenticate yourself to our NOC before being allowed admittance (non-SMS users). Authorization rules per your organization are enforced which may lead to a denial of entry.
  6. Hard Anti Pass Back: APB is enabled in the data centers, please PIN through all available readers. Failure to do so will disable your PIN. If your PIN has been disabled, please return to the mantrap and contact the NOC per signage in the data center.
  7. Food: Food is strictly forbidden in any area of the data center.
  8. Drink: Drink may not be brought into any White Space Flooring. It may be consumed in the lobby areas only.
  9. Equipment: If you use equipment courteously supplied by EdgeConneX, please return it to its proper location.
  10. Surveillance: Note that the data center is under camera surveillance and recordings are made, and stored off premises.
  11. Doors: Doors may not be forced or propped open beyond the limits posted in the data center.
  12. Data Center Floor: Cardboard on the floor is prohibited. Lifting floor tile is prohibited unless approved by Data Center Operations.
  13. Parking: Park in designated areas only. Do not block the loading dock receiving area. Overnight parking is prohibited. Parking on EdgeConneX properties is at own risk.
  14. WiFi: Guest Wifi is available in our data centers - use it responsibly. Abuse may result in your access being revoked.
  15. Printers: A Printer is available to our guests. If you notice supplies are low, please contact our NOC.
  16. Photography: Photographs of your own equipment is allowed. Please be respectful and do not take pictures of any other equipment.
  17. Responsibility: Report any suspicious behavior to our NOC. Everyone’s diligence makes for an effective environment.
  18. Code of Conduct: Be Courteous. This data center is a shared facility. By following these guidelines, you will ensure that the function of the data center is suitable for you and others.
  19. Completeness: This list of guidelines is not meant to be exhaustive. We ask that you use common sense throughout the data center to ensure the integrity of the data center, your own personal safety, and the safety of others.
  20. EdgeConneX’s Rights: You are a guest in the Edge Data Center. EdgeConneX reserves the right to refuse entry at any time for any reason.
  21. Data: You have read, understand and consent to our Privacy Policy
  22. Assistance: Any time you need assistance, please contact our NOC at (866) 761-1277 (USA), 0800 3100 001 (Netherlands), or +31 20 764 05 20 elsewhere in the EU. Argentina: 0800 444 2124

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